LYRA Groove värikynät 5 kpl piikkipakkaus

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Lyra Groove is a giant coloured pencil which is ideal for children who are making their first foray into art. The body, measuring 17.5 cm in length, is triangular in cross-section, with a 10 mm diameter. It contains no added synthetic substances. The holes along the sides of the body make the pencil comfortable to hold and help children to learn how to grip it, by making the process as intuitive as possible. The child’s thumb, index finger and middle finger fit into the right position around the pencil, regardless of whether the child is right- or left-handed, and even after the pencil has been sharpened. The extra-wide lead has a diameter of 4.25 mm and is extra-resistant, anti-break and long-lasting. It is also rich in pigments which help to produce bright, intense colours. Ideal for either right-handed or left-handed users. EAN code printed on each pencil.Värisävyt: keltainen, punainen, sininen, vihreä ja musta.